We Run Daily… who are ‘we’? Origins of the Runstreak

We are Steve Mahood and Una Beaudry! We live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and we like to run. A lot.

Some background:
We were both runners in high school, one of us better than the other (Steve). Truthfully, I (Una) ran to get out of classes.

Life got in the way, but we continued to run off and on over the years. To be honest we don’t remember exactly when we started to get serious about running again, so we defaulted to Sportstats.ca. I completed a 5k in ’99, and Steve in ’02, so let’s say sometime before then. We continued as recreational runners, entering events here and there, running for fitness. We remained somewhat consistent with our running, I completed my first marathon in 2003, but it became more and more difficult to maintain consistency.

On December 31st, 2010, we were registered to run the Resolution Run, but the forecast called for freezing rain so we decided we would get our run out of the way early, and stay in eating pizza, wings and beer until we fell asleep (good times!) instead of sliding around with everyone else. On our run Steve broached the subject of a 100 day run streak, a little challenge that he’d read about online. I thought ‘sure! he’ll never finish’ *sheepish grin*. We decided we would begin the following day, January 1, 2011.

The Rules (2011):

  • run a minimum of 20 minutes per day
  • if a run had to be missed, we must make up the run by running twice either the day before (streaksaver) or the day after, but the runs must be at minimum 6 hours apart.

The first 2 weeks hurt.  A lot.  But then it got easier.  All those little aches and pains that we had?  GONE.  Those niggling little injuries?  GONE.  HUH?  Turns out this runstreaking business is good for us!

After the 100 days were up, what else is there to do but aim for 365. After the year was up and we felt fantastic, there was no way we were going to stop. We upped the ante to a minimum of 5k/30 mins per day and at the time of authoring this post, we have run 1248 consecutive days. And it’s awesome!

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