Time flies when you’re having fun

So Taxol… you’re not as bad as AC, but I can think of other things I’d rather be doing with my Tuesdays! Having said this, I’m now at the halfway point of the Taxol infusions. Six more to go! Woooo!

I got the results of my September MRI – and Timor had shrunk by 30%. While the Oncologist is very happy with this and I’m trending in the right direction, AND there’s still no spread, I was disappointed because I thought it would be smaller. It’s also really scary that I can barely feel it, but it’s still 21 x 18 x 21 mm (almost an inch around). Ladies, get your boobies checked. Seriously.

I was googling something from my MRI results and came across the forums at Breastcancer.org and signed up. I went down the rabbit hole for a week getting forum posts from women having Taxol weekly, and another forum from women with Triple Negative breast cancer. I unsubscribed from the posts because they were giving me 3rd party anxiety. TN breast cancer isn’t a great one to get and these ladies are REALLY stressed over symptoms, for example, almost every post is like this: “I get headaches – I can’t help thinking, did cancer spread to my brain?”

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Now that I’ve finished with the AC chemo I’m starting to realize how lousy I felt while going through it. At the time I thought “I’m rockin’ this!” but when I asked Steve what he thought of that period he said something along the lines of “you were pretty rough”. Kudos to him for going along with my chemo-hazed positivity, because at the time it was all good! In retrospect, while it could have been worse it still SUCKED and I never want to do it again! 🙂

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