There’s no such thing as bad boobs

July 14, 2017.

My friend Andrew once said “there’s no such thing as bad boobs”. Andrew, I must correct you on this one. I’m pretty sure my boob is knocking off a liquor store right about now.

Today Steve and I met with the surgeon. I arrived half an hour early to fill paperwork, but was called in early so didn’t get to finish. I failed my homework.

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I’ll take ‘Things you don’t want to hear’ for a 1000, Alex

July 10, 2017.

Wowza, it’s Monday – 3 business days after my boobopsy, and my Doc called me with the preliminary results. There is cancer in my right breast. But we pretty much knew that.

He added that it’s most likely Stage 1, Grade 2 or 3. I will definitely need at minimum a lumpectomy, or possibly a mastectomy (I may even have a choice here). They will test my lymph nodes and make further calls from there, as well as determining the ‘receptors for estrogen’. This will dictate what my treatment looks like. He told me it’s highly localized which is great, and we will take this one step at a time, and not to worry about what may be. He’s such a great Doc.

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July 4, 2017.

My Doc reached me this morning to tell me that he had received my preliminary results and that it wasn’t great. There was definitely “disease” in my right breast. It appeared to be localized and hadn’t spread to any lymph nodes from what they could see. The little jerk appears “small” – between 5mm and 10mm. Felt HUGE to me. He wished me luck on my boobopsy tomorrow (Wednesday), and said he’d call me with the results. When I told Steve (Mr. Optimist!) he said that disease didn’t mean cancer. I countered with a snarky “right, it’s breast malaria. Or the black boob” (because I immediately thought of zoolander):


They don’t mess around at the Ottawa Hospital’s Women’s Breast Health Centre. It was only 3 business days after my mammogram, ultrasound, and the looks of concern, and I was back in for my boobopsy. I was there nice and early, and had to wait an hour because they were delayed. I felt sad for the ladies (and possibly men) whose tests were taking longer than anticipated. It’s no fun.


As soon as I was called in by the Technician (so nice) I had to pee (you drop water fast when you clean your diet up!). I was briefed on what to expect and then dashed to the washroom. I met the Doc who was going to do the boobopsy and signed some scary paperwork and we got started. The Tech put me in position, then left the room. I took a selfie.

Not my best angle

They came back in and started the procedure and I felt VERY sleepy. While I was keeping this on the downlow, my friend at work summoned another friend for some serious Reiki right around that time. Thank you, I felt it! Within 15 minutes of lying down we were done. I felt kind of ripped off…. Ok, not really! I was surprised by how quickly it was done, since the last one I had was almost an hour. Yay!

Steve made a fantastic dinner then I climbed into bed with a tight sports bra, an ice pack and Netflix.

And then I googled. I shouldn’t have googled.

Streaking no more…

July 1, 2017.

So my Doc called me on Friday and I missed the call because I was in a meeting. I assumed he was going to tell me what I already knew – there was something going on that we didn’t like. Being the Canada Day long weekend I knew I wouldn’t hear from him until Tuesday at the earliest, so I tried to keep my spirits up and focus on the positive. I won’t lie, there was a whole lot of grieving going on, and I was more down than up.

I was grateful to have lots of downtime over the long weekend to come to grips with this unexpected news. I had planned all week on having 3 glorious days of long runs in the woods.

Instead, I gave up my runstreak.

I spent Thursday and Friday evenings being quiet. I realized I was tired, and have been tired for quite some time. There has also been considerable stress from various sources over the past couple of years and I have struggled to manage it. My heart and head were in agreement that the kindest thing I could do for me was to run when I am craving it (not because it’s routine), to eat clean, to finally start to meditate, to spend more time with my loves, and to rest and sleep more. Running is an additional stress on the body, one that I don’t need right now, and one that I could control. So I did.

I may streak again, but for now, 6.5 years to the day is enough. 🙂


Brain Dump

June 29, 2017.

A bit of a shift on the rundaily site. Today I found out that I have an abnormal mass in my right breast. Rewind 6 weeks when I discovered the lump, saw my Doc within the week and had my imaging appointment scheduled for 3 weeks later (which I stupidly postponed because of work, and because my Doc didn’t seem horribly concerned because the cyst was mobile). Rewind 16 years more when I discovered the first of many cysts on that side, one resulting in biopsy, which was thankfully benign.

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