Insulating Phone Pouch for Subzero Temperatures

Last winter our friend Michael Stashin gifted us with what we call the ‘Michael Stashin Patented Phone KoozyTM’. It keeps your phone from draining its battery in very hot and very cold temperatures. I didn’t use it last week when the temps were -1C, and sure enough my iPhone battery went from 30% to dead really quickly (I was listening to podcasts on it for 2 hours during my run). The next day I used the Koozy and when I finished my 20k run I was still at 80%. Here is my Koozy:

Phone Koozy image
Phone Koozy

Mike kindly agreed to let me post his instructions, because he is awesome.

Insulating Phone Pouch for Subzero Temperatures

These are instructions for fabricating an insulated pouch for your phone to prevent it from shutting down due to cold battery in sub zero temperatures. Continue reading “Insulating Phone Pouch for Subzero Temperatures”

i2P 100k 2015 Volunteer Report

On August 22nd, one week after the EndurRun, Steve and I helped out at the i2P Run 100k. We camped at Lac Philippe, and if I do say so myself, we have a pretty sweet setup!

Sweet Camp Image
Sweet Camp!

At 5PM we met at the beach and shuttled 3 runners to The Ark.

I'm excited to shuttle image
I’m excited to shuttle! / Photo Credit: i2P Run

Dinner was held at The ARK, but unlike last year I was able to eat as much as I wanted because I wasn’t running! Hurray! Continue reading “i2P 100k 2015 Volunteer Report”

EndurRun 2015 Volunteer Report

So how did I spend my summer vacation? Well it wasn’t really a vacation. I was one of the minority (?) concussion sufferers that ended up with post-concussion syndrome. I spent the first two weeks laying low, staying quiet, zero stimulation, trying not to let vertigo, ringing ears, headache and nausea get the best of me. I reminded myself that it wasn’t terminal and truthfully, I was VERY lucky it wasn’t worse.

Steve and I were both registered to race the EndurRun Ultimate. We raced it last year and had so much fun we signed up for 2015 within the week of finishing the race. I knew a few days out that there was no way I was going to be able to compete, so I offered to volunteer.

While Steve was doing such amazing things as this:

Stage 2 – 15k Time Trial

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The day I fell. On my face.

We were having such a beautiful summer – the weather was beyond perfect, it was warm and sunny, and the running was excellent. It was July 25th, and Sylvie and I went out to run some ‘new to us’ trails in the Gatineau Park. We parked at Gamelin and ran the path up, which turns out to be paved for the first several kms. I’d forgotten about that! We turned off the path the first chance we got to get on the trails, just before Pink Lake.

We were having a great time, as we always do. We bumped into our friend Mélanie and asked her about her cute speakers (post on that coming later!). We ran to the end of the path, turned around and decided to stop in at Mackenzie King Estate. We explored for a bit – Sylvie had never been! It was a lot of fun.

Good times image
Good times!

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MEC Trail Race Report – the 50 that became a 30

I guess I gave away the ending in the title.

I was out on a run with a friend the week before and she ran out of water, I took a tumble and we decided to call it a day after 25k or so. Ray and I agreed that going into this race I would aim for 50k but drop to the 30 if it was going to be a slog to get through the last 20.

Having trained on the course a few times I knew what I was getting into and decided I was going to take an approach of even pacing and calling this one a supported training run. The day was calling for lightening and severe thunderstorms – not something that any race director wants to contend with. The email came out the day before regarding the ‘what ifs’ so we knew going in that the race could shortened or cancelled. At 4AM when we were woken up by an incredible light show and torrential rain the only thing we knew for sure is that there would be mud!

We met up with friends at Camp Fortune and we were pretty happy!

Before the MEC 50k Image
Before the MEC 50k

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