Random Musings from Chemo Cycle 1

Remember my last post when I said that I wasn’t sad about not being able to shave? Well now I need to know if my armpit hair will be falling out, and how soon, because things are getting out of control in that area. And since I’ll be riding the chemo express until mid-December, I may need to do something drastic if they don’t fall out. I’m leaning toward:


She looks happy enough.

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Race Report – Ultra Trail Harricana (UTHC)

*posts from Italy will resume after this one!*

So my colleague/friend sent me this video last year. Her son had completed the 65 km, and she and her family did shorter distances.

Yeah, I want to do that!! Ultra-Trail Harricana 80k was my 2016 “A” race. Things were looking good training-wise until late June, when my right foot started to hurt. Then it started to swell. Then I couldn’t push off and it felt like I was walking on a marble. Turns out I had something called “capsulitis“, which explains why my second to on my right foot was now facing east o_O.  After a couple of months of nothing but 5k runs, a cortisone shot in the toe joint to get the swelling down, orthotics to stabilize my crazy deformed feet, I was given the go ahead to try a 12k. Not too bad. The next weekend, the weekend BEFORE the race, Supercoach Ray Zahab told me to run back to back 50 kms. Saturday I “ran” 50k, trying to stay within cutoff pace. Success! Ray checked in with me on Saturday night and told me to run as far as I could without pain on Sunday… that turned out to be a little over 20k. I felt confident that I could finish the race, but it was going to be close!

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29 March 2016 – Cinque Terre

Rise and shine!  After a not-so-great sleep for any of us (Sylvie actually spent the wee hours of the morning meditating on the terrace) we headed to the lobby to pick up our breakfast in a bag that the hotel was offering since we were checking out before the ‘free breakfast buffet’. Free food for the train? Sounds good to me!

We hiked up the Cavour hill to Termini station, cursing the amount of crap we brought with us. Our travel planner (me) decided we would take the first train out (6:15) so that we could maximize sleep on the train (it would be midnight home time) and have maximum time in the Cinque Terre!  My plan worked:

Sylvie: “Great chatty company on train ride to LaSpezia!!!”

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