Italian Run Recap

With the finish of the Rome Marathon, our Italian run was complete! Our watches didn’t last as long as we did us on some days, but looking at our maps for the missing Garmin sections we figure we covered 550km from Manarola to Rome. It was an epic adventure!


Steve ran in his Altra One 2.5 the entire way. Actually he just retired those shoes if that’s any indication as to their durability! He never had any issues!

I started our in my Altra One 2.5 as well, but as the inflammation in my left foot got worse I needed more cushion and support, so I switched to the Altra Torin 2.0. These shoes saved me!

We used the his and hers Nathan VaporAir and VaporAiress hydration packs. I’m constantly amazed by how much stuff you can fit in them, along with a full 2 litre bladder, and extra bottles and and there! Our packs are 3 years old this week, and only showing a bit of fade.

Our Garmin 220 watches worked out well. We knew that if we went beyond 8 hours using the GPS they would die out, and sadly you can’t charge them ‘on the run’. They worked as expected!

The eTrex we borrowed for navigation saved our brains. Could we have navigated the route without it? Of course. And we did that one day our tracks disappeared. But to not have to keep looking at our maps decreased our stress dramatically.

The SPOT GEN3 tracker we brought in case of emergency, but also to allow our friends to follow along. It clips easily on our packs and the weight is negligible. Very worth it!

We tried to eat ‘real food’ on the run when we could, but there’s not a lot open in the remote villages in the afternoons! We made a point to have Italian food (cappuccino, corneti) every morning and they sit surprisingly well in our bellies. Our main source of food-type nutrition was Strongbars, and they are delicious. We fuelled with Tailwind, this stuff is bulletproof and never gave us any stomach problems. We never got sick of the taste of either Strongbars or Tailwind, and that’s saying something!

Once we were done for the day we would always have a Nuun capsule in water to top up the hydration. The fizziness is so nice after running as well!

We also made a point of wearing our CEP Compression socks after running each night, and started wearing the compression sleeves after the Siena leg to keep the swelling down in my foot. They never bothered us and I strongly believe they helped!

We primarily wore the running hats we purchased at Cinque Terre Trekking, they are still looking awesome!

Massive shout out to Sylvie and Jen for dragging us and our stuff all over Italy so that we could pull off this crazy adventure! And to the Lovely Jo-Anne and Brian who helped out with the dead car and everywhere else! And to Super Coach Ray Zahab for making sure we were ready, and giving us pep talks when things got hard. We love all of you, and are so grateful to have you in our lives!

That’s a wrap of the run! I will put up one more post closing out our trip, and then on to our next adventures!

Altra Lone Peak 3.0

The awesome folks at Altra Running Canada sent me a wedding gift – the new Lone Peak 3.0! Check these beauties out:


I immediately posted these to social media, and received immediate love (and envy) over these shoes. However there was one question – how did the tread compare to the Lone Peak 2.5?  So I took a side-by-side for my friend David, and promised a review once I’d tried them out.

Lone Peak 3.0 (L) vs Lone Peak 2.5 (R)

As you can see the tread is more aggressive on the new 3.0. Lots of lugs!

I have since taken them out twice on the trails of the Gatineau Park. My observations:  Continue reading “Altra Lone Peak 3.0”

Altra EggCellent Adventure! Win a Pair of Altras!!

Get ready for Una’s #AltraEggCellentAdventure! It’s time to explore this great capital city of ours, and in the process this voucher could be yours!!


The wonderful folks at Altra Canada have given each Ambassador a pair of Altra shoes to give away!! (Altra Intuition 3.0 (Women’s) or Altra Instinct 3.0 (Men’s)).


  • You have from Friday, March 25th to Monday, March 28th at NOON to complete the hunt. (EDT/Ottawa time)
  • You need to post a selfie to Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram of you in front of the clue at EACH stop along the run route.
  • You need to tag ‪#‎AltraEggCellentAdventure‬ and #AltraUna for EACH selfie. This is how I will know you’ve completed the hunt!
  • The winner will be announced on video from Rome on Monday no later than 6PM EDT. In the event of a tie, a draw will be held!
  • The winner will be emailed a gift certificate to claim their pair of Altras!

Ready to hunt??  Remember, I need you to use the tags above in your selfies in front of each clue!

Here are your clues:

  1. I am one of Canada’s greatest running heros! I became famous for a monumental run that ended because of cancer. 35 years later, my legacy lives on. Take a photo with my statue.
  2. Now (safely) run across the street and toss a coin in the Centennial flame for good luck. I want to see the Tower in your selfie. Oh Canada!
  3. Time to head East! You’ll pass a Chateau along the way – take a selfie with it in the background!
  4. Run South on Colonel By Drive, but don’t go too far! Cross the newest bridge where you could (if you wanted to) attach a lock for your Love. I only need a selfie of you with the locks.
  5. Last clue!  This race is the only one in the National Capital Region where the starting pistol is a Howitzer, and the medals are in the form of dog tags. Run to the finish line area, find the tank, and take a photo with it!

That’s it! I hope you incorporate this route into one of your runs this weekend! At 2.5km it’s easy peasy!

Now let’s see your selfies!  Get hunting!!

Yay NUUN!!

Huge shout out to Nuun Hydration for sponsoring our Italy run! We will be well hydrated, that’s for sure!!


We have been using Nuun for years. After a really long hot run I always crave something fizzy – being sugar free, Nuun is the best choice for the fizz and the flavours taste great!!  What I discovered last month? Make  a smoothie with lots of water, and once it’s blended toss in a Nuun (my favourite is the strawberry lemonade for this recipe, coincidentally enough, the pink package in the photo above!) and you will have the most refreshingly fizzy smoothie to refuel and rehydrate. BOOM.

Nuun is also a great prevention for the morning after a wee bit too much wine headache (this could happen in Italy!) – have a Nuun with water before going to bed and no headache in the morning.

Thanks Nuun!!