Interviewed by Ultrarunner Podcast!

Well this is an exciting way to start 2018!

Una Beaudry | Health Scares, Breast Cancer, and a Positive AttitudeI was contacted by Eric Schranz, host of Ultrarunner Podcast, to be a guest on the show. We talk about training and races, cancer and recovery. You also get to hear how well I react under pressure!

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MEC Ultrarunning Seminar

So I get an email asking if I would agree to be part of a panel at the MEC Ottawa ultrarunning seminar. I laugh because really? I’m a noob. Then I’m told that the other panel members are Ray Zahab, Dave McMahon and Joan Roch. And whoa whoa whoa… I am so out of my league!! But of course I accept, because as an ultrarunner you have to step outside of your comfort zone, right? And while I may not have the running pedigree the others have, I might at least have best hair.

Wait, who invited this guy?!?

Joan Roch Image
Joan Roch and his great hair

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Heart Institute Telethon

In the fall I was approached by the University of Ottawa Heart Institute to be one of the telethon success stories.  I was thrilled and honoured to be asked.

Some background – in 2003 I was diagnosed with an arrhythmia (supraventricular tachycardia and atrial flutter).  I didn’t know there was anything wrong with my heart, having thought that it was normal to feel it beating and skipping beats all the time. Then one night while watching 24, it was as if someone stepped on the gas: my heart sped up and was bouncing out of my chest. I put my heart rate monitor on (being a runner helps sometimes!) and it registered 250 bpm.  Off to ER I went, and ended up staying for 4 days while the doctors got my heart rate stabilized.  After this I had many more episodes, and my cardiologist and I decided we should fix it.  In 2010 I had a catheter ablation, and I’ve been great since!  I am so grateful to the Heart Institute, it really did give me my life back!

To view my profile segment on CTV Ottawa:  Hitting the Pavement Again

To read my story: Local Mom Doubly Blessed by University of Ottawa Heart Institute

To make a donation: Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation

HI Telethon_photo
Waiting to be interviewed! Yeah, I was having fun!