MEC Ultrarunning Seminar

So I get an email asking if I would agree to be part of a panel at the MEC Ottawa ultrarunning seminar. I laugh because really? I’m a noob. Then I’m told that the other panel members are Ray Zahab, Dave McMahon and Joan Roch. And whoa whoa whoa… I am so out of my league!! But of course I accept, because as an ultrarunner you have to step outside of your comfort zone, right? And while I may not have the running pedigree the others have, I might at least have best hair.

Wait, who invited this guy?!?

Joan Roch Image
Joan Roch and his great hair

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Women’s Trail Running Festival

A unique event was held in the Ottawa/Gatineau area on June 14th – the first annual Women’s Trail Running Festival. The event was held at Camp Fortune, a local ski centre nestled in the Gatineau Park in Chelsea, QC and sponsored by MEC Ottawa, XCzoneTV and Natural Fitness Lab.

The event went like this – show up, meet a ton of trail friends, meet their friends, meet some strangers who are trail runners or trail runner newbies, and boom, it’s a party. There were several speakers with extensive knowledge (and passion) of the sport, discussing topics such as coaching and training philosophy, running related injury prevention and trail racing and competition.

Dave McMahon and Lise Meloche presented a trailer for their (then soon to be released) film Oxygen. That certainly was the icing on the cake and set tone for what was to come – we were pumped.

Outside we went and did some drills, then split up into groups to practice on the trails. One pic (courtesy of Dave McMahon):

Trail Running Clinic
Here we come!

Yeah that’s me in the burgundy, behind my great friend Sylvie!

We went for a trail run after this, and Dave captured this little beauty of me:

Muddy Run! Image
There was a bit of mud

And I didn’t lose my shoe!

Also of note, there were some terrific door prizes: Gait Analysis from Clinique podiatrique de l’Outaouais, compression socks from the amazing crew at SoleFit, shorts from Oiselle, entries from Derrick Spafford for snowshoe races and Greco Colonnade for the 1 week trial for participating.

Big thanks also to Phil Armstrong, for giving us all generous samples of his Strong Bars, which are locally made and delicious! We bought several packages afterwards and regularly use them in our training. YUM.