Now that I’ve finished with the AC chemo I’m starting to realize how lousy I felt while going through it. At the time I thought “I’m rockin’ this!” but when I asked Steve what he thought of that period he said something along the lines of “you were pretty rough”. Kudos to him for going along with my chemo-hazed positivity, because at the time it was all good! In retrospect, while it could have been worse it still SUCKED and I never want to do it again! 🙂

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Chemo Cycle 2

Since I was advised that chemo is cumulative and that the symptoms are likely to become more pronounced with each treatment, I asked the nurse who changed my PICC bandage to show me how to load the syringe for the anti-nausea injection. Just as she was about to she was called in to help another nurse, so she said ‘Youtube it’. She said it was very easy and low risk.

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Random Musings from Chemo Cycle 1

Remember my last post when I said that I wasn’t sad about not being able to shave? Well now I need to know if my armpit hair will be falling out, and how soon, because things are getting out of control in that area. And since I’ll be riding the chemo express until mid-December, I may need to do something drastic if they don’t fall out. I’m leaning toward:


She looks happy enough.

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