Starting Over as an Athlete

I’m hard pressed to call myself an athlete right now, since running just 2 minutes at a time is exhausting. But deep down I’m pretty sure my body remembers. I know my brain does, and for once in my life when I look in the mirror I see a different kind of body – I don’t see the body that is 30 lbs heavier from a carb-fueled chemo, but a body that is stronger overall – one that will reach the goals that I have set. In the mirror I see an athlete on the path back.

I have been asked what I’m doing differently ‘this time’, as I make my way back to my athlete self. I’ve done a lot of reading about returning to (peak) fitness after chemo (first person account blogs and medical journals), and listened to advice from real live friends who’ve been through it. I have been following the generic advice to start training slower than I feel I can do because chemo is so dehydrating it has basically made my ligaments into jerky. So I have to take a less is more approach.
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About being positive

I met with my oncologist on Friday and because they were running an hour behind, and I had an appointment downtown a half an hour from when I was finally brought in, I was getting antsy about getting the appointment started. The nurse told me that it wouldn’t be long, but after another 10 minutes I was getting cranky:

idle hands

Ok not my finest moment. (Note: I didn’t take anything, that would be bad karma!). 

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We’re going streaking with the Lord of the Streak!

Last month we kicked off our runstreaker series with the amazing Joe Smith, and today we want to introduce you to The Lord of the Streak himself!

Paul Smith

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Chemo Survival Kit List

I had a great blog post planned but truthfully the flu has knocked me out, so instead I’m going to share a list that was forwarded to me before I started chemo. This list has been passed on through friends to other friends and so on. Sadly the fact that there is even a market for this list shows how prevalent that (breast) cancer is. I don’t think the author would mind if I put this out there, because it might help someone else (and I have no way of reaching her to ask!).

Chemo Survival Kit

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Training Recap – January 2018

When I last posted about my training it wasn’t going as well as I had expected, but was going exactly as it was supposed to go! I was ambitious (steroids!) and excited to get started, but post chemo fatigue was setting in, and I had surgery coming up and

Training is all about adjusting the program as we go along, right?

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