Training Recap – January 2018

When I last posted about my training it wasn’t going as well as I had expected, but was going exactly as it was supposed to go! I was ambitious (steroids!) and excited to get started, but post chemo fatigue was setting in, and I had surgery coming up and

Training is all about adjusting the program as we go along, right?

Anyway, this is how January ended up:

January 2018 Training Actual
January 2018 Training Actual

January 1st was awesome and the rest of the week I started to feel more and more post-chemo fatigue. And because EVERYONE had the flu, I quarantined myself in the days leading up to my surgery. I was kicking myself for vetoing the home treadmill purchase (we have gym memberships) because I would have taken advantage of it on those few days. I did keep up with my planks and mobility though!

Post surgery I put the planks on hold to focus on the physio to regain the range of motion in my arm and shoulder. I only took brief outside walks and stopped once the impact started to bother the incision sites. After about a week I was feeling much better except for the nerve pain under/back of my arm which drove me bananas every time it rubbed against my shirt (this can last for months). We will call this an exercise in patience. That’s still exercise right?!?

Since then I have felt noticeably better every day as the swelling continues to go down. Booyeah!

And that snowshoe you see up there? That was amazing (thanks Amanda!), though when I wiped out on my butt I was reminded of how weak my quad muscles are (this is one of those weird chemo side effects!), and even my useless arms couldn’t push me up. Poor Amanda tried to help me but because of the swelling and stitches that wasn’t happening (don’t touch me!!) so I scooted down the hill on my butt until I was able to stand on my own.

I am following the MAF method in my return to fitness and I am already seeing a distinct decrease in my heart rate which has allowed me to increase the speed and incline on the treadmill. Progress is clear! I can’t wait to start running again!

Does anyone want to join me (virtually or in person) in my return to running? Maybe you’re coming back from injury or just starting out? I’d love a buddy (or 10!). I’m thinking private Facebook group to encourage each other. Let’s talk!

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  1. The word that comes to mind when looking at your January (particularly post-surgery) is: momentum! And using the MAF method is such a wonderful idea. And let’s be honest, the weather isn’t exactly awesome right now, so using this time to gain back strength to get back outside this spring — there’s so much to look forward to!

    1. I love that! Momentum… on it! As soon as I shake this flu 🙂 I don’t love this weather either, but I do love snowshoeing in the Park. I can’t wait to get back to it!

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