My sleep had been restless this past week as I got closer to hearing my pathology results. I knew that regardless of the outcome that I would need radiation, but there were still some what ifs:

  • What if there was some spread?
  • What if the surgeon didn’t remove enough around the tumour and the margins around it weren’t clear?
  • What if it was all a complete failure and I needed more surgery? More chemo? Or even worse, what if there was nothing else for me?

I was a bit like a kid at Christmas – I wanted to peek into ‘MyChart’ online to see if my results were up, but knew that I wouldn’t understand most of what was written and there would invariably be something there I wouldn’t want to see.

I felt incredibly calm the day before my appointment and took that as a sign everything would be ok. I also knew that it didn’t matter what the results were, no matter what, I was going to continue in battle mode until this was behind me.

Our appointment was for 7:45AM, we took both cars because Steve needed to work afterwards. Steve commented that I was zipping down the highway like a bat out of hell in my little cancer car.

Meet Donatella, the wee car I bought to get me to all my appointments!

I was eager to know!

My surgeon was very quick to tell us the great news that the lymph nodes were perfect, the tumour had clear margins, and that I had the best possible outcome.

And then I hugged her.

She also re-iterated that it was very a aggressive cancer and noted that it had started down the ‘superhighway’, so it was caught just in time.

The chance of recurrence is 10% at 10 years, but recurrence would most likely happen within two years. She told me to hold on to that marker. So what does that mean?


And then she hugged me ❤️

I’ve been told repeatedly that I would beat this because of my positive outlook and attitude. I’ve always been a glass half full kind of gal, but with all of you supporting me in so many ways, my glass has looked like this:

So while doubts may have crept in on very rare occasions, I KNEW that this would turn out in my favour.

WE all made sure of that ❤️

15 thoughts on “Cancer-free!”

  1. Congratulations Una! I am so happy for you. I was also anxious to get news of your results. This is great news. I am glad you caught it on time and that you got care so quickly.

    Have a great day!


  2. Good for you!! Great outcome. I go in on Wednesday for my yearly mammogram, its year two, so will see what’s what. Send good vibes.

  3. This is the very best news!!!! In my heart of hearts I never had any doubts!!!!! You are going to resume your great life💞😘Love conquers all💖

  4. Fanfreakingtastic!!! I wanted to swear more but then thought better of it. Swearing is just a way I express myself when I am over the moon excited grateful and happy!
    Hugs and f*#(s.

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