January Joys – 2018 Edition

January JoysSince the world can be a less than shiny place sometimes, I’d like to share some of the things that brought me joy, spoke to me or made me go hmmmm this past month!

First off some shoutouts!

To sweet Katie and Shervin for taking vacation time to hang with me during my surgery and recovery! 💕

That’s my girl ❤️

As you can see she’s super boring.

Also, to my wee doggies who are with me every moment I’m home. They can be a pain in the butt, but come on, how cute are they?


And to my friend Noel Paine who cartooned me for my birthday! Isn’t this amazing!?! My pink sunglasses and my pink pack too 💕 If you’re not already following Noel – check out his blog here.
Noel Paine's Una

And now, in no particular order, I present my list:

What I read:

My breakfast ritual involves blog reading. My favourite blog right now is ultrarunner Liza Howard’s. I love how she balances life and running and (currently) repainting her house. And she is hilarious. She’s also on a blog streak, and since we’re all about streaking here, it’s a no brainer she’d be the first to recommend!

Featured blog posts:
This post made me cry. It’s beautifully written, and thankfully has a happy ending.

This article made me laugh out loud because 1) I’ve run with every one one of these personality types, and 2) I have been almost all of these personality types on a run at one point or another.  Thanks for the wake up call, I’ll try to be less of a jerk!!

I agree, this world does need more calm determination.

When my friend Natalie’s son asked her what she wanted for Christmas one year, she said she wanted him to race a 5k with her. He got off easy! I would love to do this one day – Steve and Katie, consider this on the list.

Do you ever get weepy on a run? I find running clears my head and brings out big ideas. But I occasionally do cry!

I only read one novel in January – We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson. I didn’t love this book, but it’s still stuck in my head so there’s something in it that resonated with me (I hope it’s not murder!). I will read it again sometime and maybe it will click. It’s a quick read, I finished it in an afternoon.

I’ve also re-read Daniel’s Running Formula by Coach Jack Daniels. Because of goals.

What I listened to:
I listen to a lot of podcasts – at home, in the gym, in the car, while grocery shopping… My favourite this month? The one I was on of course!

But also check out my niece’s podcast Elisa Unfiltered: Living Life Out Loud. A couple of weeks ago I binged the first 5 episodes. Elisa is beautiful, raw and inspiring. Go have a listen – she publishes every Wednesday.

And then listen to Billy Yang’s podcast interview with Rory Bosio. Rory is a riot!

The audiobook I’m listening to is Vinnie Tortorich’s Fitness Confidential. I can’t stand him, but he’s been through some stuff and the principles are sound.

Favourite Instagrams:
Shannon makes me laugh Every.Single.Day. Follow her. Watch her stories. Thank me later!

A post shared by Shannon (@shanloves2run) on

And Lucy, who lives in Australia where it’s warm right now. She’ll take you on her daily run and you’ll be reminded about how much you miss summer! Follow her –  she’s a great runner (she won Ultra Trail Cape Town last month), is living life, and eats a ton of watermelon.

What filled my belly:

I made naked egg rolls twice in the first week of January. So good. I’ve also started making my own chile mochas again, but I use erythritol instead of sugar and top it with homemade whipped cream (with a bit of vanilla extract added in) and a shake of Himalayan sea salt. Oh.My.God.

Good eats
Who needs takeout and Starbucks? Not me!

I’ve also had a billion coffee dates with friends 💕 but only at one did I get a latte that looked like Karl Lagerfeld!!

This brings me boundless joy!

Cool tools:
I stumbled across this site a couple of weeks ago and thought it was a really cool curated list of race information and race reports. What I like most is how you can apply filters to find races that start in the evening, or a particular type of race, or distance. I reached out to Kurt from The Ultra Wire to ask about Canadian content – it’s coming!

The Ultra Wire
The Ultra Wire
January Joys 2018

And my last January Joy? Writing this blog. Though the photo below doesn’t really seem to show the joy, but it’s hidden, like my hair.

Una deep in thought

Let me know in the comments what brought you joy this month!

8 thoughts on “January Joys – 2018 Edition”

  1. this blog shows again what a special person you are.

    “I’ve also had a billion coffee dates with friends 💕 ” When is mine? 🙂

  2. Funny you should ask, Una, but one of MY favourite moments from January was you visiting my blog for the first time and leaving a comment! Kind of like a rock star showing up at your door! Loved this post! Cheers!

    1. That’s so nice of you to say, Brian! I’m really sad that you’re knee is acting up, but I really do enjoy your blog 🙂

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