2018 – The year of faith

Happy New Year!

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, each year on the 1st of January I choose a focus word. I’ve been thinking about this for a few days and the word I have chosen is:


My previous years’ words tended to be control-centric (except 2016 – Flexible!). If I learned anything in 2017 it was that as much as one tries to be in control, shit happens that can throw it all out the window. I had no choice but to accept what was happening and roll with it. This is something that was really difficult for me, but made me grow as a person.

I think faith is going to be really important for me in 2018. As I progress through the next treatment phases to rid myself of this cancer, my anxieties creep in. I need to have faith in the process. Faith in my treatment team. Faith in others around me. Faith that the outcome will a positive one.

Not to say that there’s nothing I can do to try and sway the odds a bit.

And with this I present my goals for 2018:
  • Treat my body with the highest respect. It deserves it.
  • Continue to surround myself with beauty and positivity in all forms.
  • Live, laugh, love. I know it’s all over Pinterest but it is for a reason.
  • Continue with daily meditation.
  • Write. It’s been incredibly therapeutic for me, and also brings me joy. Blog posts are-a-coming!
  • Commit to language study. I really want to get ‘exempt’ status in French when I return to work, and because I love Italian, I’m working on that as well.
And now for the big scary goals:
  • SUP yo. First I need to get over my fear of water. If I hate it, I’ll drop it, but I really want to give it an honest try. Which would be more than the 15 seconds at Meech Lake 2 years ago where, because the board was moving (shocker), I screamed so loud it echoed. Oh the stares I got! 😂
  • Start a side business of freelance writing and editing. I am a seriously good editor. I can help you! Let’s talk! Leave a comment, or fill out the contact form.
  • Begin the process for getting my coaching certification. I love this sport —  I’ve had some great successes and spectacular failures, and I think I’d make a great coach!

UntitledDo you make annual goals? Why, why not? Let me know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “2018 – The year of faith”

  1. Hi Una

    I love this. And good for you to pick a word pretty much the opposite of “control” !!

    Love your goals as well. Our biggest limiting factor is our own mind, our own fears. Cliche but it’s true.

    I have faith you will succeed and be a awesome as a writer and editor and a fantastic running coach. XO

    Im about to lauch Randy Roffey V 2018 as I look for a new career/job. I will begin teaching yoga and am launching 24Hr Yogapalooza forin support of Childhood Cancer and CHEO. Oh and training for Ironman Tremblant.

    If i can help in anyway let me know.

    1. LOVE your goals Randy!! I have a strong feeling that this year will bring us both great things! I’m super excited for Yogapalooza – what a terrific initiative. Always a Good Guy <3

  2. Hi there,

    I don’t usually make annual goals but since you have inspired me this year, I will have to say that I will find the courage to exercise 4-5 times a week!


  3. Una, tout est patfait! Continue de croire en toi et les possibilités seront infinies. Just testing your french😉💖 Have a great here so well deserved🙏🏼

  4. Hi Una,
    Those are solid goals. You are a very strong woman and I have no doubt you will achieve them all.
    I’m up for Supping (is that word?), should I say let’s go SUP together, not sure. Anyway, I’m in. Let’s do it.

    1. Awesome Vicki!! I can swim, but I’m scared on water. It’s dumb, I know! I’m thinking of taking a private indoor SUP class once I’m recovered from surgery. Does this interest you? Once I’m done that there are indoor SUPs until there’s water to be seen!

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