Now that I’ve finished with the AC chemo I’m starting to realize how lousy I felt while going through it. At the time I thought “I’m rockin’ this!” but when I asked Steve what he thought of that period he said something along the lines of “you were pretty rough”. Kudos to him for going along with my chemo-hazed positivity, because at the time it was all good! In retrospect, while it could have been worse it still SUCKED and I never want to do it again! 🙂

Now that I’m into the Taxol treatments I feel the difference. Other than the Benadryl induced best-sleep-of-the-week I get in the hours right after chemo, the rest of the week I feel mostly human. I felt hunger once last week, the first time since August 2nd, and that was cool. I have the oomph to go for walks and even went for a couple of slow run/walks! My fingers are starting to feel weird, which could be a bit of neuropathy, but it’s not the worst, so I’m ignoring it. I’m still not sleeping, but I’m not tired either – I’m attributing this to the steroids. There are other side effects, and it’s no party, but it’s manageable so far. Booyeah!

Now let’s focus on my hair situation: I still have my eyelashes and (most of) my eyebrows (though they were always so fair you couldn’t see them before anyway).

All those promises of not having to shave my legs? Pfffft. I feel the wind rustling through my hairy legs when I wear shorts. It’s a beautiful thing.

But yahoo!! I have naked armpits!!

As to my head, I was hoping to post a glorious shot of my beautiful gleaming baldness (I actually look like an alien… snort!), but while most of my hair did fall out, along the bottom it forgot to! If I hadn’t cut it I could have had the mother of all combovers. This would have been absurdly hilarious, so I’m having a bit of regret.

And now I think it’s starting to grow back! This could be short lived because hair loss is a side effect of Taxol as well, and my eyebrows have thinned the past two weeks so there’s a chance that my little head regrowth is a tease and it’s going to all fall out again before these treatments are done.

But right now, from afar I may appear to be bald, but up close I got me some fuzzzzzzzz.


18 thoughts on “Baldyrocks”

  1. Dear Una- your reflections are so concise yet comical. I truly enjoy reading them and thank you for your courage to share with the rest of us mere mortals. Sending love and good vibes to you and the Running Man ( and I don’t mean Arnold Shw…). ❤️⭕️❌💪🏻

  2. Thanks for sharing my friend. I am so glad that you are done with the worst chemo. Hope you get well very soon!


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