The Shearing

Well it happened a day later than planned (due to some awesome friends visiting and then I was too hungry (yay!!) to start), but it happened…

Steve informed me last week that he would be around to hug me, would take photos, but would not take the clippers in hand. Poo.

We took some before shots playing with the ‘beauty filters’. Ummm ok.



Because chemo can make your hair grow back differently – it could be curly, curlier, straight, come in a different colour – it’s all a mystery– what a trip! I wanted to save a curl, a braid, and the first cut. Steve and I only cried once.


Katie and I had a plan to play with several hairstyles while we worked our way down to ‘level 3’.

First stop: Natalie Dormer from Hunger Games:


We are like freaken’ twins amirite?

Not so much.

Next we were going for P!nk’s mohawk:


But my hair was getting poofier the more we cut off.

I am Mugatu!

As we continued toward P!nk, Katie shouted out: it’s the girl with the lower back tattoo!

Errrrmmm, I’m not seeing it. Finally I say… Amy Schumer? Huh?

Katie: hahaha sorry, no!!


Hahaha, ohhhhhhhh.


We never really got P!nk

But hang on!!!

Our last stop before Ripley was Mia Farrow:




Steve did take the clippers to do one section. I took to the clippers too, actually!

Thanks, Katie ❤️

UntitledAnd my honey ❤️


Soon all my hair will be gone and I’ll be working my best Dr. Evil impression. And in a few months I get to play with new hair and endless possibilities. Detours can be fun!


13 thoughts on “The Shearing”

  1. You look fabulous, dahling! And you have a very nicely shaped head … what were you talking about? You rock the buzz; you’ll rock the bald! Who needs hair when you have to enviably big beautiful blue eyes and a Hollywood smile?

  2. OMG!!! Just so funny! You are so beautiful! I can’t wait to see your Dr. Evil impression! 😉 Keep up the positive spirit! It will be done and behind you soon 🙂 xoxox

  3. “Detours can be fun!”
    Bless you and your courageous, fun spirit!
    Thanks for sharing your shearing experience with us! <3 xxoo

  4. Hi there,

    You look great my dear. I am still amaze on how positive you are. Great idea on playing with the various looks!

    Thank you again for updating your blog.



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