Random Musings from Chemo Cycle 1

Remember my last post when I said that I wasn’t sad about not being able to shave? Well now I need to know if my armpit hair will be falling out, and how soon, because things are getting out of control in that area. And since I’ll be riding the chemo express until mid-December, I may need to do something drastic if they don’t fall out. I’m leaning toward:


She looks happy enough.

So after chemo on Tuesday I was feeling jubilant. My first infusion only took a couple of hours, I didn’t do anything too embarrassing (like running out of the room screaming, because, I was close), and when I got home there were more gifties and cards at the door and a bazillion messages on social media, email and texts (I have the most amazing group of friends!!).

Fast forward to today and it’s all a blur. I’m in a fog. I asked my new friend L.A. (who’s half a year ahead of me on this adventure) how soon I can claim chemo brain and she said now would be ok.


The past few days have been good, all things considered. Steve has been slinking around the house being super quiet, texting me every few minutes to see if I need anything, and not letting me lift a finger. The dogs won’t come near me at all (they smell poison, I swear) so thankfully my brother has been coming by to walk them. My hair hasn’t started to fall out yet (at least no more than normal) though my follicles feel a bit strange. My teeth feel loose which freaks me out -one of my biggest fears is my teeth just falling out.

Symptom-wise I was really scared. While I did get the queasies, the meds did their trick. The downside is the lack of appetite, so I haven’t been eating hardly at all. Yesterday was all I could do to keep my eyes open (though I couldn’t sleep, so I just laid there most of the day with my eyes closed). Today I’m dragging my butt and feeling weak as all get out because I didn’t eat enough the past few days. I hope for next round I can force myself to eat more!! (L.A. also huge thanks for suggesting Boost pudding – that stuff is da BOMB).

Before starting chemo I shopped to get everything I needed for my chemo kit. This included unscented everything, ginger chews, unsweetened lemon candy, and…

****TMI starts here… you’ve been warned!****

…one thing the medical pros insist you get is something for constipation because the meds will bind you up, and not poopin’ will cause the chemo to stay in you longer (bad) and increase nausea (also bad). Go figure, I had the opposite.


I guess this is better?

****TMI over, thank you for your patience****


14 thoughts on “Random Musings from Chemo Cycle 1”

  1. Una, I am so in awe of your incredible strength, your ability to find humour no matter what, and share your best and worst no matter how personal. You set such a high standard on how to tackle each and every challenge. Thank you. Hoping your appetite gets better and you can get some actual sleep. I am always available, do not even hesitate. Sending BIG HUGS.💕

  2. Keep it up dear Una and thanks for taking time to write and with such humour, sending you good vib💖

  3. Dear Una: thank you so much for your insight and reflections.
    You are amazing- brain fog or no brain fog. I have faith that good things will return, sleep and an appetite. Xoxo

  4. Una- my ‘adventure’ wasn’t so dissimilar to yours, so I have a pretty good idea of what lies ahead and I can already tell you’ve equipped yourself with what you need to get through this : a good sense of humour, a supportive extended “family” that includes friends… and Seneca 😉 Sending +ve vibes your way… *hugs*

  5. Una, I love the fact that these posts are so real. You are so many things to so many people witty, strong, funny, kind, energetic, loveable- the list would go on and on. But whenever I read your blogs or see your pictures I just think Brave. You are sharing the most intimate parts of this journey. If I ever have to follow this path I will be informed and prepared for the journey. Thank you for being everything you are. 💕

  6. My dear friend I have never met face-to-face, I am sending you all my love and wellness vibes. People are CURED of this these days. Part of the journey of life, I suppose? Sheesh. I hope this part of your journey is as easy as it can possibly be, and as short. Looking forward to all your other future wonderful and happier journeys.

    1. Oh *jeanne* <3. This is the word my medical team is using, so I'm all over it. It's just a short detour.

      And let's change this never met face to face thing m'kay? <3

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