Random Musings from Chemo Cycle 1

Remember my last post when I said that I wasn’t sad about not being able to shave? Well now I need to know if my armpit hair will be falling out, and how soon, because things are getting out of control in that area. And since I’ll be riding the chemo express until mid-December, I may need to do something drastic if they don’t fall out. I’m leaning toward:


She looks happy enough.

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The Machine

Last week I met with Simone, a colleague (and now friend!) who blazed this trail before me. She’s awesome, and you can read her blog here.

We met for coffee, she gave me reassurance and we laughed. A lot. We should have been friends a long time ago. She told me that I was now in ‘The Machine’, and I would be well taken care of. She wasn’t joking.

So. Many. Appointments.

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Today, I cried.

I went for a run in the park, stopped to look around and take a breath, and I cried. While I’d gotten choked up the past couple of weeks, I had yet to cry. This wasn’t an ugly cry (I don’t think), since just one tear ran down my cheek. Then a mosquito flew into my eye and I started running again, with lots of tears flowing thanks to the stupid bug in my eye.


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